21 Fellowship                         936-348-6400

Antioch Church of Christ    936-348-6364

Elwood Baptist Church         936-348-3337

Midway Church of Christ     936-348-5575

New Life Tabernacle    

Southside Baptist Church


Angie Roberts Color & Cuts 903-922-6461

City Cafe

Cut-Hers & His Salon             936-348-6965

Jerry's Feed                              936-349-0699

Fraley's Food Store                  936-348-2882

Frontier Pest Control              936-348-7378

Midway Entergy                       936-348-3721

Midway General CafĂ©             936-348-2199

Midway General Store            936-348-2030

Midway Mini Storage              936-348-8279

Perfek Painting by Sher          936-348-5404

Wiseman Trailer Repair         936-348-7300

City Of Midway


Tony Leago            Mayor

Debra Newkirk        Secretary

City Councilmen

Jimmy Cook           Edwin Faw

Gus Kangos           Steve Parish

Brenda Ford                                


21 Fellowship                      936-348-6400

Antioch Church of Chris  936-348-6364

Elwood Baptist Church      936-348-3337

Midway Church of Chris   936-348-5575

New Life Tabernacle    

Southside Baptist Church

Community Center Board of Directors

Sonja Buffaloe- President                        936-348-3196

Billy Blow- Vice President                       936-348-6737

Lance Ferguson-Treasure                        936-348-8270

Melissa Mosley-Secretary                        936-348-2564

Danny Unterreiner-Member at large     936-581-0708

Fire Department

Edwin Faw-Fire Chief                               Billy Blow- Assistant Chief

Danny Unterreiner- President                                  Carolyn Blow-Vice President

Debra Newkirk-Secretary                                Bunny Unterreiner-Treasure

Rex Newkirk-Chaplain                                               Lance Ferguson-Captain

Ben Douglas-Fire Lt.                                                           James Ghormley- Truck Lt.

Rex Newkirk-Building Lt.